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Aleksandar Vukelja
Aleksandar Vukelja

Elementary Concepts of the Material World 1

This is an ambitious project that I started back in 1994. The goal is to explain fundamental laws of nature with use of precise and clear logic only.

Chapter provided here is simple and concise, and it should not be a problem for anyone to understand it.

Elementary Concepts of the Material World 2

Explains the root cause of magnetism and deepens understanding of gravity.

Explains Pioneer anomaly.

You can download java calculator (source code included) which calculates dynamic component of gravity for the Pioneer anomaly.

You will need Java runtime installed on your system. If double-click does not start the application, type java -jar pioneer.jar in command line.

Last update: September 1, 2010

and Mathematical Invalidity of the Lorentz Transformation

Lorentz transformation is mathematically incorrect set of equations. This article presents the general case proof of invalidity, independent of derivation procedure.

Author presents new solution which is named Triangle of Velocities.

Last update: August 29, 2007

Related article, which is focused on Einstein's own derivation, can be downloaded here.

Last update: April, 2005

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